Targeted SEO

Target to Your Audience

SEO serves a few different purposes. SEO helps your page ranking on Google, but that’s just the first step. Google has refined their page ranking system over the years, and they’ve done so for a reason. By having the right setup on your site, with appropriate keywords, design, and links, you will get more people to your site, but when you do it correctly, you will get people to stay at your site, too. Google has modified their rankings system so much so that it actually helps their customers. Keywords are important, but you don’t want too many or too few because that will drive away potential customers from your business.

In other words, having great search engine optimization isn’t just a hoop to jump through to get people to your site. It’s certainly not a perfect tool, but the way that it’s currently done is designed to get you the right set of potential viewers so that you have a better chance than before of making sales. It is complex, and it can be a pain at times, but in the end, the goal is to get the right person to be looking at your site.

This means that your site should be targeted to a specific goal, it should remain consistent, and it should promote both organic and paid growth. This is relevant for any type of website, but having a few simple and common issues with the site will punish you–even if you are unaware of them and even if you don’t think that they pose a problem for your viewers when you do find them. Google and the other search engines look at these things and can punish your ranking because of them. It seems like a non-issue to you, and to your existing clients they might be, but the reality is that you may be losing viewers because of them. Really, that non-issue is costing you money.

Think of it this way: do you want 100 people at your site, 2 of which might be interested in your products? Or, would you rather have 50 people at your site, 45 of which will be interested? The first gives you more page views, but the percentage of quality views is 2 percent. The second scenario gives you only half the views, but with a 90 percent quality rating–or, 43 more quality views than before. It is a numbers game for sure, but you should take quality over quantity any day because quality represents potential sales while the quantity is just a drain on your site’s bandwidth. Besides, focusing your efforts allows you to better pinpoint exactly who your target customer is in the future. This kind of niche marketing can help you to work far less to gain better results later on. It forces you to draw up a clear picture of your target demographic and a good marketing technique will teach you that placing your efforts more firmly where you are more likely to make a sale is just smarter business.