The Importance of a Solid Web Design

Making the Right Design

You’ve probably heard a lot about web design, and you probably know that it’s important, but maybe you don’t realize why it’s important, or exactly how important it is. Let’s get one thing straight: web design is extremely important because it gives your customers an impression of what your site is about. The design and the layout give this impression before they read a single word on the site, too.

What makes this important? For one, this is how your viewers will create their first impression of you. How your site is set up and the general impression that they get only takes a second or two to form, but it’s an important few seconds. It can mean the difference between hitting back on the browser, or keeping on looking through your materials. The second reason why design is so important is because it helps your ranking on search engines like Google. Design is one of the hundreds of things that Google and the others look for when they rank pages for a specific search, and if the site does not have a competitive design, you could be losing viewers. It has nothing to do with what your business does, or the content on the site, but just how the site is set up in general.

With this in mind, why wouldn’t you focus your efforts on boosting views? Design is complex to someone with little to no web experience, but to a professional, it’s not a difficult thing to put together. Putting together something attractive, that will help with views and keeping potential clients on your site is part of what good designers do, and even though it might just seem cosmetic to the untrained eye, the behind the scenes numbers say that design plays a large role in your success.

When done right, the design of your site is just a small part, and it will go unnoticed to your customers.That’s good. If they are noticing your site’s design, it’s most likely because there are flaws in it. It might be too difficult to use, or parts of it may be distracting. The design should be the background, something that they don’t pay attention to because they are busy looking at the products that your company has to offer. And while they might never take notice of it, the design has potential to convert views to sales, and that’s what web businesses are all about.

Design is a part of the overall architecture of your site. It is a unifying theme that ties together the other big elements, such as SEO, your link structure, and the content. Furthermore, a good design will make the call to action seamless and easy. By pitching the sale without sounding like a salesman, you are moving one step closer to increasing your profits, and all of this can be done without changing your product–just changing the way that you approach web marketing. Going with an outside company to help manage these needs can be an easy way to relieve the pressure on yourself in this regard.