What is on Your Website?

Content is Very Important

What you put on your website is important. More than that, though, what you have visible is critical to your company’s success. Even if you are an expert within your industry, knowing what kind of content will help you to better your brand will be a big asset for you over the long term. For example, perhaps potential customers within your market are using certain keywords more than others. If your site isn’t as visible on search engines when those keywords are being typed in, then you are missing out on a lot of exposure. Even if you have a superior product when compared to all of your competition, you are going to lose business simply because you aren’t getting as many page views.

This is where content management comes in. A lot of this has to do with SEO, but that’s only a part of the game. You need to have an attractive site, one that is not only going to get views, but keep the potential customer on your site for more than a few seconds. This has nothing to do with the keywords at this point, but everything to do with the way things are presented. Keywords will help you boost your search engine ranking, but how your site looks will keep people there for long enough to see what your business is about. This includes having well placed and eye pleasing graphics, avoiding an overwhelming amount of text, and an easy to use format.

Yes, you know what it takes to succeed in your line of business. But, this has nothing to do with marketing and your public image. By focusing on the things that you are knowledgeable of and excelling there, you can take your business a long way, but this is only a small portion of your success. Think about the companies that have been around for years, but have revitalized their image as they’ve evolved. Apple is one company that comes to mind. They have been a successful company since the 80s, but in the early 2000s when the iPod came out, they launched a new marketing campaign that rebranded them as a portable device manufacturer and not just a quirky computer producer. What’s more, the silhouette commercials created a lasting image in their customers minds. This is a large scale example, set forth by the company that would later become the most valuable one in the world, but it is a lesson that you can translate to your own niche within the business world.

By setting your site apart from the rest of the internet, you will be accomplishing something similar. Keywords are great for attracting potential customers, but without a unique niche carved out for you in the market, you will not make the conversions to sales that are your end goal. And by having a superior, professional image, you will be better equipped to make those customers repeat customers. It all starts with your website, and if done incorrectly, those potential customers will never know how great your product really is.